The Vth Circle

Saturday January 19th


6:00pm / 19+

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Presented by Nanrats Celebration Demonstration:

The Vth Circle
With Lambsbreath, Ophelia Falling, and Guests
January 19, 2019

Doors 6pm
Show 7pm

Demonstrate how to celebrate Vancouver in the new year with a diverse lineup of super hot fire local bands, and help support WISH, an important local women’s drop-in centre that plays a vital role in supporting women in the street-based sex trade.

5 bands for your viewing and hearing pleasure will be featured, and 50% of each ticket sold will be donated to The WISH Drop-in Centre Society!

The Noodle Boys:

This “ramen infused rock n roll” band exudes out groovy jazzy tunes that warms up any room to a boiling noodle temperature, and grooving on the dance floor becomes inevitable.


Brand spankin’ new folk/prog/electronic band from Vancouver who are stoked to perform at The Biltmore for the first time! ( please dance )

Ophelia Falling:

Emerging from the rain soaked streets of Vancouver, Ophelia Falling is symphonic metal at its finest. With powerful vocals over a dense arrangement of guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards accompanied by orchestra and choir, they are the next chapter in Canadian Metal.


Mark Lingelbach dashes through space and time, with the help his Dynamic first mate Dougie Pocasangre Jr. some musically inclined friends and his super advanced imagination. They create mind altering sounds and songs, meant to be played at maximum volume, and in front of diverse crowds.

You can almost never catch the same Lambsbreath show twice, as the live show and guest artists are constantly revolving much like the earth around our sun.

The Vth Circle:

Melodic death metal band from Vancouver with a focus on brutal, crushing riffs, beautiful melodies, progressive song writing and an unmatched stage presence.

Twitter: @theVthcircle

Instagram: theVthcircle

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