A Magical Harry Potter Christmas Yule Ball (2 Nights)

Friday December 7th


$50 - $90


6:30pm -19+

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A Magical Christmas Yule Ball
at The Biltmore Cabaret
Friday, December 7 & Saturday, December 8

Doors: 6:00 PM (ends at 10:00 PM)
19 and over
$50 – $90

Tickets for Friday, Dec 7: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1773901

Tickets for Saturday, Dec 8:https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1773910

An immersive theatre experience. A portal taking you from your world to a wizarding school hidden in the highlands of Scotland. A Yule Ball that you and all the other students will never forget.

You excitedly enter in your finest dress robes and are immediately approached by a boy with dark, tousled hair that blinks at you from behind a pair of round spectacles. A curiously-shaped scar slashes across his forehead.

“Are you new in school?” he asks you. “I haven’t seen you around our common room before, but… let me ask you, what do you think of Defense Against the Dark Arts classes so far? A bit rubbish, aren’t they? Listen, my friends and I are starting this secret extra-curricular club…”

Set in your fifth year at wizarding school, the experience begins as you are handed a handcrafted wand and a large button denoting the house you chose when you bought your ticket, and you step up to a real, live tawny owl from the owlery, delicately placed upon a leather glove so you can hold him as a photographer snaps a picture to commemorate your very first Yule Ball.

You and other guests find yourselves transported to an underground ballroom (the great hall is under repairs since a couple of red-headed twins set a raining hex that no one, including them, can quite figure out how to undo), candles hanging from the ceiling and a live wizard rock band setting up on stage.

Students will encounter the school’s residents, characters who interact with their fellow students differently based on the house button they will proudly wear throughout the evening — a whimsical group of familiar faces. The Boy Who Lived, along with the cleverest witch of her age and a redhead eating a pumpkin pastie might cheerfully invite you to a club meeting, ginger twins might encourage you to play a harmless prank on a shy young boy who seems more comfortable with plants than people, or a brooding boy with slicked-back blonde hair might ask you to help him out with his duties on the Inquisitorial Squad.

Visitors to the Yule Ball are invited to explore the ballroom, side rooms, and even bathrooms (is that a ghost giggling away in there?), dance to the music of The Weird Sisters, follow twenty-two performers into one-on-one encounters or hidden scenes, drink Butterbeer and Firewhiskey at the bar, and trade their regular life for a night of magic.

Audiences will find themselves immersed in a lushly-realized world that indulges everyone’s deepest wish — turning eleven, and finding an owl on your windowsill, bearing an invitation to leave your life behind and embrace your destiny of being a witch or wizard.