Tuesday August 8th


8pm - 19+

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A-WA (Israel)
w/ special guests Desi Sub Culture
August 8th, 2017
at The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC

From the first time A-Wa took the stage 1 year ago, they’ve been dropping jaws, raising eyebrows, making people dance: from hipsters to families, from festivals to clubs, young and old, Polish, French, Israeli, and all over.

Tair, Liron and Tagel Haim grew up in a family of six siblings in the small village ‘Shaharut’ in southern Israel. Not too far from the Egyptian border. In beautiful prairie landscapes with magical desert sunsets.

All three sisters studied music, sang, danced and performed together and separately since a very young age. In their childhood home the whole family was musica, and they listened to many different kinds of music, such as Greek music, Yemenite music, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Progressive rock and more. The inspirations that sustained them, and the warm musical home that encouraged them, have become the creative part and parcel of their lives.

Soon after Tair and Liron completed their studies in music and design, and before Tagel started college, they hooked up again at their parents’ house. They worked in the days, and at night they would meet to record materials in English, Hebrew, and Yemenite which always had a special place in their hearts. They filmed and uploaded their videos to YouTube.

The flood of great comments and suggestions from around the world encouraged them to rise to the challenge and promote their music. One day they sent a message to Tomer Yosef on Facebook. Once pressing play, it was clear to Tomer that a gift fell upon him, a one-time only three voices that fit together in a perfect harmony (yes, it’s possible), even in Hebrew it sounded out of this world… and so the musical love story was instantly born. Tomer’s groove, the global characteristics of his artistic vision, Yemenite roots, everything came together and led to a collaboration that continues to this day and in every possible aspect – such as the first music video that was both directed and filmed by Tomer in an intense weekend in the desert.

For the last two years, the girls have been performing non-stop. They became an integral part of the stage composition of Balkan Beat Box’s MINIMAL tour and later on formed a band of their own and gave shows around Israel and in music festivals in Poland and France in front of an embracing audience. At the same time working in the studio with Tomer on their debut album.

While searching for materials the girls rediscovered the ancient oral history of Yemenite women’s chanting, that was passed from generation to generation for centuries. A-WA’s debut album includes 12 songs, composed entirely of original performance inspired by these folk songs. In closely working at the studio with producer Tomer Yosef, the sound and the artistic statement were formed. And in cooperation with musicians like Tamir Muskat, Itamar Ziegler, Tom Darom and more, they created a composition of a unique identity with a lot of groove, electronics and a brand new global beat fragrance. A happy, warm and genuine music, that breaking through language barriers and boundaries.

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