Colour Tongues with guests Late Night Takeaway and Sleepy Gonzales

Friday March 16th


Colour Tongues


$12 - $15


7pm - 19+

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Colour Tongues
with guests Late Night Takeaway and Sleepy Gonzales
Friday, March 16
at The Biltmore Cabaret

Doors at 7:00pm – 19+
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Colour Tongues, featuring members James Challis, David Taylor, Graeme Meekison, and Daniel Ré, are known for their upbeat choruses, technical power rhythms, and blending of different instrumental patterns that work alongside high-range vocals.

Formed in 2014 and re-vitalized in 2017, the members of Colour Tongues began by piecing together their musical ideas and over the following months developed a collaborative approach to their craft and refining their unique sound. Bands such as Enemies, American Football, Foals, and Phoenix have helped shape their musical philosophy.

The result is a series of songs that strive to be unpredictable as well as melodically and rhythmically interesting while maintaining a clean groove and danceable vibe.