Iron Skies with guests Soliterre and Mr. Stee

Monday May 1st


$10 at the door


8pm - 19+

Iron Skies
with guests Soliterre and Mr. Stee
Monday, May 1
at The Biltmore Cabaret
Doors 8PM – 19+

Iron Skies

Formed in January of 2016, Iron Skies is a Victorian group comprised of Daniel Favell (vocals/guitar), Dustin Beckner (bass), and Graham Keehn (drums/backing vocals). The three-piece band meshes genres ranging from pop punk, to math rock, to indie sludgetronica so fervently; you’ll barely notice that one of those genres isn’t real.


‘Soliterre’ is the musical brainchild of Vancouver musician and producer Adam Wazonek. Skilled at a handful of instruments, making records is a one-man operation. In fact, this quirky, quiet, synth obsessed popster wouldn’t have it any other way. After spending a couple years recording pop ditties on tape , Wazonek carefully shifted towards a more electronic sound, adopting new technologies while struggling to combine old school songwriting and charm with a new school pop sensibility. Cautiously riding the lines between disco-tinged nostalia and electronic excess, the songs on his debut disc set themselves apart from the pack with crisp horns, tight rhythms and soaring false settos.

Mr. Stee

Mr. Stee is a Vancouver based producer and guitar player focused on creating chilled out instrumental hip hop music that bridges the gap between traditional sampling and live instrumentation.