Friday March 3rd




7:30pm - 19+

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“MARBIN is an eclectic band with a fascinating sound, in which jazz meets rock and world music” – Jazz Notes

Now based out of Chicago, MARBIN, founded by Israeli guitarist Dani Rabin and Israeli saxophonist Danny Markovitch, is a progressive jazz-rock band that stands out in today’s music world. With a do-it-yourself approach, MARBIN started touring extensively in 2011, bringing their original instrumental music to every part of the United States. Through word of mouth, MARBIN has gained tens of thousands of devoted fans all over the world, and has sold tens of thousands of albums.

“MARBIN is a crazy talented group making music hard to pin down but easy to appreciate” – Something Else Reviews

“The band’s sharp interactivity and ability to shift gears at a moment’s notice is finely tuned. Saxophonist Markovitch wails with the harmonic complexity of Coltrane coupled with the fluidity of Charlie Parker. Guitarist Rabin matches him note for note and the results will floor you!” – Music Connection

MNGWA (Opening for MARBIN)

Mixing in elements of psychedelic rock, dub, African rhythms, and vocals in four languages, Vancouver’s MNGWA injects the local music scene with a fresh global perspective.

“One thing is for sure, they are having fun and the audience will be compelled to dance.” –

Special Thanks to our Corporate Music Sponsors Bank of Montreal and TD Bank