Nasty Women Comdey: Forbidden Edition

Monday November 26th


$10 - $14


7:30pm - 19+

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With ten comedians, one stage & at LEAST thirteen pre-show burritos – It’s Nasty Women. Famous for having the best vibes & post-show braid trains, we’re back for another slam dunk of a comedy show!

This month we take on all things *~*forbidden*~* including, but not limited to:

– R rated twilight fan fiction
– The forest adjacent to our wizarding boading school
– Any & all fruit that God doesn’t want us to eat

So hold on to your pomegranates because you know we’ll be making out with that guy our parents FORBADE us from seeing!! (HI CHAD!!)

Ese Atawo
Racquel Belmonte
Denea Campbell
Rae Lynn Carson
Kerri Donaldson
Allie Entwistle
Carla Mah
Stacey McLachlan
Jenny Rubé
Annalise Stuart

Doors @ 7:30. Show @ 8:30
Monday, November 26 at the Biltmore Cabaret. 19+ only.
$10 online. $14 at the door. (prices subject to service fees)

Improv/acting students, if you are currently taking improv or acting classes, show proof of enrollment at the door and you get in for $7. That’s 50% off!! Message us for further details.