Nasty Women Comedy: FLOTUS

Monday February 19th


Nasty Women Comedy




7:00pm - 19+

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Nasty Women Comedy: FOLTUS
Monday, February 19
at The Biltmore Cabaret

Doors at 7:30PM
Advance tickets available here

International darlings Nasty Women have toured their love-em-and-leave-em show everywhere from Brooklyn to Bellingham, but never have their paths crossed with beloved former first lady Michelle Obama…. until now.

….or at least that’s what everyone’s favourite laugh-riot-super-squad is hoping will happen if they name their show FLOTUS the very same week Mish is in town. (Can we call you Mish? What about… T Bone? Okay, Madame Presidente it is).

That’s right: The Biltmore Cabaret‘s resident comediennes are trying to put “The Secret” into effect by just wishing hard enough that the 44th First Lady of the United States of the America will come by an underground performance space for a drink after a hard day of inspiring a generation of young women. (Were we supposed to make vision boards? We don’t know, we didn’t read the book, we’ve been pretty busy trying to have it all AND SUCCEEDING.)

What we’re trying to say is: Maybe Michelle Obama will be in attendance, maybe she won’t. Life is a delicious mystery, so flap your fat mitts together in celebration of the chaos that is human existence and also to egg on Vancouver’s own NAAAAAASSSSTTTYYYY WOMMMMENNNNN!!!!

The first half of our February show is a sketch-comedy salute to all that happens in the East Wing and beyond—the saucy broads lurking in the wings, painting the White House a striking new shade of eggshell, commandeering strata council and pushing forward shockingly strange (and deeply personal?) charitable causes. BUT, OH, WAIT, WHAT’S THAT I HEAR? THERE’S MORE???! Post intermish, you’ll find more comedic delights awaiting on stage: an electrically charged improv set inspired by real-for-true stories (or, depending on how things turn out, an inspiring feminist manifesto presented by a Harvard Law graduate with impressively toned arms and a heart of gold and a name of Michelle).

Ese Atawo
Racquel Belmonte
Denea Campbell
Rae Lynn Carson
Kerri Donaldson
Allie Entwistle
Carla Mah
Stacey McLachlan
Jenny Rubé
Annalise Stuart
….AND MICHELLE OBAMA!?!?!?!?!?!??! (TBD)

Get your tickets now because soon is tomorrow the yesterday never today’d.