Nasty Women Comedy: Freestyle

Monday January 22nd


Nasty Women Comedy


$9.99 - $14


7:30pm - 19+

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Nasty Women Comedy: Freestyle

Monday, January 22
at The Biltmore Cabaret
Doors 7:30 Show 8:30
This event is 19+

$10 online. $14 at the door. (prices subject to service fees)

The world-famous Nasty Women get phone calls all the time: “Come back to New York! It’s been 6 months but people are still chanting for an encore!” or “Bellingham’s Upfront Theatre, where you performed with improv icon Ryan Stiles, is about to be purchased by an uptight oil baron who hates laughter and wants to turn it into a tuna factory, and only your brand of spicy comedy can make him see the light!”

To them, our feisty heroines reply, “new phone who dis.” Because the only venue these comedy darlings have eyes for right now is right here their home sweet home base—the supple floorboards and blinding lights of The Biltmore Cabaret stage. So if you would be so kind, would you please stand up out of your seat, then sit back down quickly as the person next to you follows suit about one beat slower, creating a “wave” motion that will invigorate the crowd and ignite a (hopefully positive) mob mentality to welcome back NAAAASSSSSTYYYYY WOMMENNNNNN!!!

If your New Year’s resolution was to laugh harder, love weirder and turn up that funk, please, bring your nimble young body to a seat directly in the front row, ideally in the middle unless you need to get up to pee a lot. It’s the ideal spot for absorbing all the wonders these brassy broads have to offer: an elaborate improvised comedy show, inspired by hilarious personal stories, hot tunes, hectic countdowns and world affairs, and informed by a Hilary-Clinton-meets-Janet-Jackson nastiness that has to be seen to be believed. Come! Out! And! Laugh!

Ese Atawo
Racquel Belmonte
Denea Campbell
Rae Lynn Carson
Kerri Donaldson
Allie Entwistle
Carla Mah
Stacey McLachlan
Jenny Rubé
Annalise Stuart