Nasty Women Comedy: Spring Forward

Monday March 19th


Nasty Women Comedy





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Nasty Women Comedy: Spring Forward

Monday, Jan 22
at the Biltmore Cabaret. 19+ only.
Doors @ 7:30. Show @ 8:30
$10 online. $14 at the door. (prices subject to service fees)

Flip through that calendar (or bullet journal, we know what’s up) and take a note: April showers may bring May flowers, but March brings heroes-to-all Nasty Women back to the always glamourous Biltmore Cabaret. SPRING IS ABOUT TO GET SPRUNG!

You’ve likely seen their signature brand of spiced-up, femme-powered comedy before—perhaps you’ve caught them showcasing deliciously weird sketches in one of their previous monthly shows right here in Vancouver, or spotted them on stage in the United States of America’s own New York City during one of their international missions—but you’d better believe that every Nasty Women show is a one-of-a-kind journey, never to be replicated, never to be imitated. So why don’t you pack up your bag (is that a Herschel? Nice!) and put on some good supportive shoes but also a cute top that makes you feel like your best self and then start moving your beautiful bod over to the glamourous Biltmore Cabaret? Don’t waste a second: Nasty Women want to see you right there, front and centre, wailing your soft palms together (what kind of moisturizer are you using and can we have some?) in delight and having the time of your LIFE.

This month, the show theme is Forward, so your comedy darlings will be riding email chains and time-travel alike into a night of wild, silly, fearsome improv comedy. Featuring hilarious new formats inspired by your inbox and stories from their own deepest darkest pasts, it’ll be a show sure to get you fired up and feeling fiiiiiine.

Ese Atawo
Racquel Belmonte
Denea Campbell
Rae Lynn Carson
Kerri Donaldson
Allie Entwistle
Carla Mah
Stacey McLachlan
Jenny Rubé
Annalise Stuart