Nasty Women Comedy

Monday November 20th


Nasty Women Comedy


$10 - $14


7:30pm - 19+

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Nasty Women Comedy
Monday, November 20
at the Biltmore Cabaret

Doors @ 7:30. Show @ 8:30
19+ only
$10 online. $14 at the door. (prices subject to service fees)

We don’t throw around the phrase “international sensation” lightly but there is literally no other way to describe a comedy group who has performed in New “The Big Apple” York and on stage with Ryan Stiles, a very tall man, at his own Upfront Theatre. But listen: just because this supergroup of comedians has been selflessly giving their gift of comedy to the world, doesn’t mean they’re too good for their home stage at the illustrious Biltmore Cabaret. Brace your core, stretch those hip flexors and get ready to cheer from the rooftops for NAAAAAASTY WOMENNNNNNN!

For November, we’re so excited to share our new show with you that we’re tingling all over. Maybe we should see a doctor?! Get ready for some crazytown sketches inspired by this month’s “Fantasy” theme. We’re talkin’ musical numbers. We’re talkin’ Mariah Carey on repeat. We’re talkin’ unsettling daydreams. We’re talkin’ sooooo many wigs.

But don’t you DARE leave after that because there is MORE! TO! COME! Specifically: a hot hot hot improv set in the second half that will have you gasping for breath and clawing at your eyes with laughter! (Maybe you should also see a doctor?)

Get those tickets ASAP and let these sweet Nasties stave off those night terrors for once.