Nasty Women: Firsts

Monday July 24th


Nasty Women: Firsts


$10 - $12


7:30pm - 19+

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Nasty Women: Firsts
Monday, July 24
Doors @ 7:30 – 19+ only.
$10 online. $12 at the door. (prices subject to service fees)

I remember my first time…

Fresh off of performing in New York City, Nasty Women are ready to deliver a piping hot show for you! This month, we will be exploring firsts. We’re talking first jobs, first dates.. heck! getting first place in a Pythagoras competition (real thing that happened). Every first is fair game.

PLUS, this show is a twofer! For the price of one show you get two! In the first half, we’ve got some stellar sketch comedy for you. Followed by non-stop improv entertainment in the second half.

Bask with us in this first show magic!!