For over 50 years, the Biltmore has been a fixture in the community as both a public house for Vancouverites and a platform for ground-breaking musical performances.

With the revitalization of historic Mount Pleasant, the bar was reopened in 2007 as The Biltmore Cabaret, with a fresh focus to recapture its musical tradition. Drawing from the rich local scene in Vancouver as well as the best in Canadian and international touring acts, The Biltmore Cabaret showcases talent from across a wide spectrum of music and the arts.



Tech Specs

The PA is an Avid SC48, QSC power, EAW 650’s, Tannoy 218s, Protea System II 4.24c processing. Outside engineers are welcome to operate providing they are competent, sober and don’t clip anything.


The Biltmore Cabaret’s PA is an analog 4-way stereo EAW rig with Tannoy VS218DR subs. There are 2 flown EAW 650 mid-highs per side and 2 double-18 subs on the floor. There are no rear fills. The subs can run off of an auxiliary. We have 20 microphones and 9 channels of DI, 3 sub-snakes and loads of stands and XLR. We have no wireless microphones.


The Biltmore has 4 monitor mixes from Front of House (3 bi-amped and the drum wedge is tri-amped). The drum fill is an EV DMS-1183 with an EV subwoofer S-181. The carpeted stage is 20 by 20 by 2. There is 8 feet of clearance to the ceiling. The drum riser is 6 by 8 and can be removed from stage if needed. The stage has been soundproofed and is surrounded by thick theatre curtain. The room has a low ceiling, is roomy and has been recently renovated. We are set up for broadcast mixes & video feeds and have a snake split on stage for multitrack recording or a monitor console.


There are 3 LED color blasters as a side/back wash and 2 LED64 Par cans and 2 LED38 Par cans on stage. There are 2 Martin SCX Mania lights. The front wash is 4 Par cans on each side of the room (2 white, 1 red, 1 blue). There is 1 ACL, two lit disco balls and a water based hazer. We have a full DJ rig with Pionneer DJM900 mixer, 2* CDJ 1000’s, 4 * Technics 1200’s. We have a screen and projector that accepts VGA/RCA from Front of House.


Audio engineer: soundtech@biltmorecabaret.com

Booking Manager: booking@biltmorecabaret.com

Front Of House

1 * Avid SC48 (monitors from FOH)



1 * Prot??a System II 4.24c
4 * EAW 650zP FOH speakers
2 * Tannoy VS218DR Subwoofers
1 * QSC RMX 1450 power amp for highs
2 * PLX 3602 power amps for mids and lows
1 * QSC RMX-5050 power amp for subs
2 * QSC RMX 1450 power amps for monitor highs
2 * QSC PLX 2502 power amps for monitor lows
1 * QSC RMX 5050 power amp for drum monitor subs
1 * 32 channel snake with 10 returns & split
3 * subsnakes (1x12ch 2x8ch)



4 * TX2M bi-amped monitors
1 * EV DMS 1183 + EV S-181 tri-amped drum monitor
2 * Ashly XR 1001crossover for monitors
1 * BSS miniDrive crossover for drum monitor



1 * AKG D112
1 * Shure Beta 52
1 * Shure Beta 91
1 * AKG 535 condensers
1 * SM81 condenser
2 * Sennhesier e612
2 * Sennhesier e609
4 * Shure SM57’s
6 * Shure SM58’s
4 * Senheiser e904’s
2 * Radial JDI passive DI’s
2 * Radial Pro-D2 passive stereo DI’s
2 * Radial Pro- 48 Active Di’s


DJ Rig:

1 * Pioneer DJM-900
2 * Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3
4 * Technics SL-1200 MK2 turntables



Elation Stage setter 16 lighting controller
Martin Maxxyz virtual console
2 * LED64 pro parcans
3 * colour blaster 12
2 * LED38 pro parcans
2 * Martin SCX 600s
1 * rack of ACL
2 * Disco balls with pinspots
1 * hazer
2 * ETC Source 4
2 * Blue gel Par can
2 * Red gel Par can

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